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  • Makani, J.; Cox, S.E.; Soka, D.; Komba, A.N.; Oruo, J; Mwamtemi, H,; Magesa, P; Rwezaula, S,; Meda, E,; Mgaya, J,; Lowe, B,; Muturi, D; Roberts, DJ,; Williams, T.N; Pallangyo, K,; Kitundu, J,; Fegan, G; Kirkham, F.J,; Marsh, K,; Newton, C.R. (PLoS One, 2011)
    BACKGROUND: The World Health Organization has declared Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA) a public health priority. There are 300,000 births/year, over 75% in Africa, with estimates suggesting that 6 million Africans will be living ...