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Kaposi's sarcoma in tanzania and switzerland: a retrospective and comp.a.ratne study

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dc.description.abstract A retrospective and comparative study was carried out on 605 cases from Tanzania and 33 cases from Switzerland over an 11 year period. Cases from Tanzania were 461 males, 112 females and 11 of unknown gender. In Switzerland 32 were males and 1 was a female. Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) constituted 3.54% of all malignant neoplasms in Tanzania during this period. The male to female ratio of KS in Tanzania was 4.1:1 and for Switzerland 32:1. Kaposi's sarcoma in Tanzania was seen more commonly in the 4th to 6th decade. There were two peaks in Switzerland, one between 3rd and 4th decade and the second between 6th and 7th decade. There was no significant annual increase in the number of KS in Tanzania during the study period whereas in Switzerland a sharp increase was noted from 1983 which is thought to coincide with the AIDS epidemic. All age groups were affected in Tanzania but none was seen below the age of 15 years in Switzerland. In children the male to female ratio was 2.3:1 indicating that KS is seen more often in female children than in adult females which may suggest a possible hormonal influence. The most common epidemiological type of KS was Endemic African (EA-KS) in Tanzania and AIDS-KS in Switzerland. It is concluded that the histological variations seen in KS may reflect the various stages of the lesion. en_GB
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dc.publisher University of Dar es Salaam en_GB
dc.subject Sarcoma en_GB
dc.subject Trauma en_GB
dc.subject Switzerland en_GB
dc.subject Retrospective en_GB
dc.title Kaposi's sarcoma in tanzania and switzerland: a retrospective and comp.a.ratne study en_GB
dc.type Thesis en_GB

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